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There is no charge for this service. We simply hope this information will serve as inspiration for greater Peace, Harmony, Health and Prosperity in your life.

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Fees & Services:

  • Private channeling session $120.00 
        (ISD member $ 90.00)

        Private Sessions can be done in person at Norma's office,
        via telephone, FaceTime or Skype.

  • Private Group channeling session = $ 250.00
        (From 3 – 12 people)

  • Channeling Demonstration for Larger Groups 50% of door, $ 250 minimum

  • On Going Circle 4 – 6 weeks (weekly) 
       Designed for smaller groups 3 – 12 people
       $225.00 per session. 

  • Tarot Reading = $ 90.00
​        (ISD member $ 75.00)
to set up an engagement.
What is the difference between a reading with Roncar and a Tarot Reading?

Both kinds of readings can be very helpful. However, as a general rule of thumb, if you are looking for guidance for yourself, your life path or about the situations in your life, then a reading with Roncar will be most helpful. 

If you are looking for a pyschic reading where you receive information about your future,  then a Tarot reading would be most helpful.