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Faith in Self, Faith in God  
Many times people look outside to find a belief in what they think is a greater Being, Force or Power. In the answer to this question Roncar illustrates how you are an extension of God and not a separate entity. Faith is ultimately found within oneself and can grow with the recognition and acceptance of ones own divine nature. 
Favorite YouTube Segments

Why Do We Reincarnate & When Do We Do It?
There are a variety of views that people carry about life after "death" as well as Incarnation. In many traditional religions the belief is held that this is the only lifetime so you had better make this a good one or you might be dammed to the flames of an eternal hell. Chances are if you are interested in Roncar's message you have grown beyond that belief.

Both in New Age circles and eastern religions, there is the belief that an incarnation brings about much suffering until the balance of karma is achieved.  I have met many who have determined that this will be their last lifetime. 
In this excerpt Roncar addresses all of these issues and more as a response to some very interesting questions. What is the purpose in incarnation? Why do we choose to incarnate over and over again? How do we determine when to incarnate again? How do we decide not to incarnate again? With this segment  you may find some new views you may not have yet considered.  Date:02-09-10.


Passion: The Engine Behind Manifestation
Roncar illustrates how the creation of anxiety associated with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome is the same mechanism that we can use to create the happiest and most healthy life filled with the greatest abundance and enjoyment possible.

Passion is an essential ingredient in the desire to create and it is a tool that we can cultivate. The passion for creation employs Knowing, Seeing and Feeling the results of an inspiration before its physical manifestation. Like a magnet, extreme emotion, and unbounded enthusiasm are magical forces that transform an inspired thought into the action and determination that result in physical demonstration.  Date: 08-21-07

How to Cultivate Happiness
With the downturn in the economy, job layoffs and the constant mantra of negative news, maintaining our happiness has become more challenging for most of us. This environment has given us yet another opportunity for us to create the reality we chose. In this simple and short excerpt, Roncar explains the process of cultivating happiness in any circumstance or condition.  Date:02-17-09
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