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Use this form to send in your questions and/or topic requests.  We have found that some of the most simple questions get some of the most amazing answers. Roncar has dealt with just about every kind of topic you can imagine. Relationships, Family, Success, Prosperity, Depression, The Subconscious, Reincarnation, Creation,  Global Warming, Past Lives and Karmic Balancing just to name a few.

The best questions for this type of format will be more general in nature. For example, if you ask "When will I get married ?" or "Should I pull out of the stock market ?", Roncar probably would not chose to address those kinds of specific questions for your specific situation on the air.

However a question like "I seem to attract abusive friendships. How can I attract more harmoniousness relationships ?"  might be an example of an answer that might serve both you and others who are listening.   To rephrase the example questions above you might say "How can I attract the best person for me to marry ?" or "How do I handle my fear about the current economic environment ?" 
Full Name or Phone is not required. However, it is helpful for Roncar to know your approximate location such as as City and State.
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We value your privacy. Please be assured that all questions and contact information is held in the strictest confidence. We pledge to never divulge you contact information or questions to any third party. We will not use this information to contact you unless you specifically request that we do so.